I did hundreds of concepts on Ghost Recon Future Soldier during my 8 months at Ubisoft Paris. I can only show the few ones that were published online, so here are 4 more. These were used mostly by level designers and level artists as inspirational environments and moods.

Although I usually prefer to make more "brushy", "painterly" stylized artworks, we (the concept team) used lots of photographs in the concepts. The reason for that being that the game visual goal is photorealism, as in all Tom Clancy's games. The near future world depicted in the game has to look and feel real to make it believable.
The other reason, on a practical aspect, is to speed things up. Most concepts were done in half a day or one day, which would have been really hard without photographic bases to start from. Anyway, I hope to be able to show more of this project soon. GRFS should be released in a few months.





If you missed the ones I already posted, go to the end of this post : Practice practice

You may also check the personnal works of the concept team members :
 Loïc Bramoulle
Constance Beillard
and the art director Xavier Marquis 

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  • Michel Donzé
  • Hi! I'm a french 2d & 3d graphist! I've studied 3d animation and vfx at Georges Meliès School until 2009. Lately I've been working on Watch Dogs @ Ubisoft Paris as a concept-artist. I love creating stuff, regardless the technique or media!



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