Basic Steps to Start the Deeper Pro+ and Link to Your Smartphone

The Deeper Pro+ is very famous as an intelligent sonar device in the round shape and bigger than a bubble float, which is attached to a line and casted out. It includes GPS and Wi-Fi to send details about the objects underwater to your tablet or Smartphone. The objects are depths, weed, structures, and of course fish. Thus, you can locate the target fish and see the total view underwater right on your Smartphone.

In this article, you will learn about basic steps to use the device with your Smartphone. If you don’t have a good one, you can find it from the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ 2.55” Black Review.

Steps to get started with the Deeper Pro+

  • When you have a device, the next thing to do is registering with the service website and downloading the app from the Google Play or iTunes stores for the respective device.
  • Before using the Deeper Pro+, you have to link it with the USB cable coming with it.
  • Install a spod rod to cast it out. It has the maximum Wi-Fi range about 100 meters and the maximum depth reading range about 80 meters.
  • Because of that limitation, you should consider types of the rod and line set-up for casting the device.
  • Although the weight is 3.5 oz, the size makes you hard cast it. You can use it with the standard Spomb rod system and braid.
  • If you plan on whacking it the distance, you should increase the braid from 35 lb or 50 lb up to 85 lb.
  • The deeper includes the threaded eyes screwing into one spot on the device, and once firmly screwed, you can easily clip that to the braid with a strong clip swivel.

The phone connection

It’s so simple to link the device to your iPhone, especially easier for Android users.

  • For iOS users, you can start by turning on the Deeper when submerging it a few feet far from the bank.
  • Then, in your iOS system, you open the Wi-Fi setting and find the deeper network, click it and supply the password.
  • When the device touches the water, you will immediately see the information on the Smartphone.
  • When the network connection turned on, the device needs a few minutes to sort everything and you’re ready to find fish.
  • You can find many options to tweak the display and device, but in the Onshore GPS mode, Fish Icons, and Detailed Smart Imaging are perfect.

The information transfer

Right after the device hits the water, you will see the information on the display. You can recognize the water temperature, depth, and bottom, if it’s soft or tough, and if there are any weed.

To update the information, only slightly reeling in the device, it will scan the objects under water. Then, the app will receive the information and show as a contour map. Finally, it will complete with the depths recorded and you will see the new details on screen.

The alarm option will pin if you encounter the change of fish or depth. This feature is quite useful, but when you’re monitoring the display, you can turn it off to prevent interrupting.

If the depth details are not enough, you can get more information from seeing the fish icons that will show the fish and also their locations.

The good map

In the Onshore GPS mode, the app can record the better information and show a contour map ended with the depths, which can show up at any time you call up in the future.

Totally, it works efficiently and reliably. The casting is accurate, straight and helpful. With the stronger braids, it can reach farther. You can try to use it with the distance 50 yards comfortably and easily.

It isn’t a gimmick and you can use it as a great feature to find fish location. Use it in a lake for a short time to practice and draw the venue, or locate the target fish when you’re fishing.

You can feel hard when first knowing about this system, but after trying to use it, you can get benefits right on your Smartphone. The great information is locating the target fish, accurate depths, swipe maps, and variations. You will be impressed immediately as anglers who have once used it.


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