How to Preserve and Turn Your Old Bike to the Brand New Look?

I think everyone is totally happy and excited when they get a new bicycle. Everything goes perfectly when you take the first ride. But through the time, those happy and excited feelings are faded though your bike still works well.

Are you an amateur and you would like to explore the world with a bike? You can visit my website where you may find the best road bike for beginners and start your adventures. Whether you already got a bike or not yet, you must take the responsibility to take care of it usually.

And if you ride a bike too many times without caring about it, the damages can come fast to your bike. What can we do to protect your bike from being worn out and take those feelings back just like the first time we bought it?

The easiest way is that you can take your bike to a local bike shop and let them preserve it. But if you prefer to taking care of it by yourself, here are the gears that you must pay attention on:

Check the cables and the chain

cables and the chain bike

How many rides have you had with your bike? Have you wondered why it is becoming noisy so fast? When you get a bike, you have to determine that you will treat it like your baby. The noise from the bike when you ride is a sign that your bike chain wants to be lubed.

First, you should remove all the dirt by cleaning the chain and cables carefully with a piece of cloth. In other hand if the chain is way too gritty, you should separate it from the bike and use cleaning varsol. However, if you don’t want to take the chain out, you can use the Barbieri or Park Chainmate that make the cleaning easier.

You must make sure that all dirt is removed, and then the second step is oiling your chain. Remember to drip slowly on every connect link of the chain and wait for a little while. After the lube gets into the housings, wipe off all the excess oil.

Note for you: Do not use petrol because it can catch the fire easily, that maintains many abilities of danger.

And if you have done all these steps in the right direction but the noise is still there, maybe it is the time you should replace a new chain. A worn chain does not match the gears exactly, which causes chain skips and stretch the chain. To avoid this issue, measure the chain pins by using a ruler. It would be 12 links that fit 12 inches exactly. If it is 3 mm or beyond, you need to replace this old chain. Take note this: The more regularly you replace your chain, the longer the cassette avoids being worn out and causing intricacies of malfunctioning and wasting much more money.

Now it is the cable system’s turn. Just same as the chain, if the cables still not work fluently after you oil it, change the new ones too. New and sealed cable system can be protected from dust or anything that reduces its function. In addition, it can help your bike to reduce the friction which is not necessary when you ride.

Check the brakes: check bike brake

You should check out the brake pads first. Replace the new pads if the old ones are worn out. Brakes are very important so you cannot underestimate their problems. Make sure the brakes work when you squeeze the handles. If it doesn’t, you should tighten some cables.

And the disc brake rotors are also need to check too; otherwise the brakes will drag and make noise, even cause difficulty for you when you pedal.

New tires!

The next step is checking the front and the rear tire, there are tons of dirt, pieces of glasses, mud or any condition you rode on. And the consequence is your bike gets weak.check new tire

Did you get flats whenever you star to ride? Are there some of punctures on your bike tires? Did you see the threads appear on your bike tires? If you are in these situations, it is telling you that you should replace new tires and you will see the difference right after you change a new pair of tires for your bike. The new tires should be the higher quality version than the old ones in order to increase the age of your bike. You should find the types of tires that make your bike corner better and roll faster. The ideal TPI (Thread per inch – the tires quality measurement) for the tires is 120.

Furthermore, I suggest using an anti-seize liquid in order to protect your bike from being corroded.

Every part of a bike is very important and necessary. Don’t risk your life riding the bike while one of the gears is failed, you could get unpredictable accidents which put you into the danger.

The durability of a product depends on the owner. If you love and care about it, you will spend times with it. A bike is not only a vehicle but also a great partner that joins with you on every road and shares the happy moments. I hope with my tips in this post you will know how to take care of your bike in the right direction and learn how to appreciate your own stuffs.

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