10 Steps to Weight Loss Success

Number 1: Get off your rear-end and just do it! Those words are the worst four words in the English language, as you probably know. However, they have a tremendous power of seven, leading to profitable results seemingly sooner.

#2: Get organized.

The simpler the food and exercise choices you make, the better your chance of long-term success. With so many methods to choose from, why do most people fail to take the time to plan their menu at the beginning of each week? It can be as easy as a set of pull-out recipes that you prepare on a Sunday. Don’t get fancy with calorie counting, however, simplify your meals by making a list of what you’ll need each day during the week.

#3: Adventures are the best medicine.

If the thought of eating the same every day makes you feel defeatist, don’t beat yourself up over it. Sometimes it’s helpful to challenge yourself a bit. Try something new. Keep yourself busy. Don’t get stuck in the same routine that gets you bored so quickly you don’t have the ambition to go out and do something new.

#4: Customize your training.

There are two types of training – strength training and cardio. Each type has its own goals and benefits. While strength training is primarily important in developing size, cardio is its primary goal. Even, if weight loss is your goal, cardio is still important. However, most people do enough strength training to have a desirable body shape.

#5: Stay committed to your goals.

It needs a lot more willpower to make a change to your lifestyle than it does to put it on hold for a time. Maintaining the commitment to pick the right food, workout consistently, and stick to your workout goals until the end takes a lot of commitment. Like all personal growth, it takes mindful planning and repetition.

#6: Measure up.

The scale may be your worst enemy, but it doesn’t tell you how much fat you’ve lost. The best way to see your performance is in the mirror and by using body fat measurements to calculate your body fat. You can use a skinfold caliper, or simply use your bathroom scale. It doesn’t take a professional to find a body fat scale. It’s really easy to find one.

#7: Take control of your diet.

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. It’s that simple. Eating healthy and working out will definitely help you to lose weight, but it’s up to the person on the other end of that whammy to do make the right choices. Leaner meats, fruits, and vegetables have a lower-fat content and contain fewer calories.

#8: Don’t skip bulk.

Meal prep is the most tip for losing weight on the right foods. If you skip that step, you’re limiting your weight loss. The most important meal – breakfast – is one that you don’t want to skip.

#9: Weigh yourself regularly.

Don’t weigh yourself every day. That will lead to frustration and a tendency to undeservedly focus on negative numbers. Paring your progress toward a healthy weight is a good idea. For every 5 to 10 pounds, you should see a noticeable change in your habits.

#10: Don’t give up.

If you don’t see the results you want immediately, don’t be deterred. It takes work to get to the goal you’re trying to reach and it may take more time than you expect. Plus, you’ll be more apt to quit if you’re discouraged.

Now for nine more tips from the original Biggest Loser Champs (Weight Loss, Nutrition, and Fitness).

#11: Be consistent.

The “ables to quit” rule. Read this again. Don’t quit! Dieting works, but only when you’ve followed it consistently. It’s all about sticking with a plan long enough to show results.