Boost Your Metabolism – Food and Exercise

It’s natural and classic but the question is, “Are there any ways to increases your metabolism?” Certainly yes. There are a couple of very simple things you can do to give your metabolism a big fat boost and create a lean, fat-burning machine – one that will work 24 hours a day.

Before we start, each of these steps has an associated benefit, so just keep what you’re about to read in mind.

Consider these simple lifestyle changes as your small steps to boosting your metabolism:

1. Eat a healthy breakfast and continue to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks every day. Eat only fresh and pure food. Your body is powered up from digestion, and you’re depleted of calorie energy after an 8-hour fasting period. In other words, you’re primed for energy and your body responds to this by calling upon the necessary resources to swap for fuel.

2. Make a conscious effort to be more physically active every day. No, this doesn’t mean breaking into a huge run or embracing the gym. If possible, do something between your lunch and dinner-such as walking the dog, or walk your boss around the hall, or take the stairs.

Besides, try to use tools to assist you whenever you can. Here’s an example: If you have a pedometer, wear it for a day and aim for taking 10,000 steps a day.

A report that came out in the Journal of ObesityFishmeal and its effect on the human body (3: VisualizTrailblend T.A. Belmhazardet al., PhD., Research observer) indicated that persons who consume fat-free yogurt twice a day for three months lost 65% more weight and faced 57% less risk of diabetes. yogurt: good protein (the pro-inflammatory bacteria, which is important for digestion, is increased);

3. Exercise every day, mid-day, and in the evening. Try for three sessions a week, each of twenty minutes duration. Your body needs toned muscles to drive the calorie-burning process, and many benefits come with a regular workout.

If you can do the same? An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study found that 13 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day could reduce your risk of coronary heart disease and cancer.

So, let’s repeat the last two points:

Exercise every day, if you can. Spread it out through the day. Three sessions a week is enough. Make it a habit. Within weeks, you’ll be glad you did.

Regarding food, use a combination of spices and healthy fats (7- AM: cumin, cayenne pepper) to help keep the body in fat-storage mode.

What to do next:

Kill the carb craving. The body’s natural reaction is to suddenly lower its production of insulin, which promotes the storage hormone called “insulin-like growth factors”, which causes a major spike in your body’s blood sugar.

With cayenne pepper, insulin-like growth factors are rapidly produced in your blood. That is not an accident. Your body updates the amount of fat it burns at a faster rate.

Double up on the good fats for another good result. Each converts fat into energy like increasing your metabolism and therefore your weight loss.
Among all the wonders of nature, perhaps the one that is most hindered by today’s technologies is digestion. This can partly be remedied by feeding it at the proper time. The time of day you eat is more important than the type of food you eat. Vegetable and fruit salads are an example of good digestion.

Don’t eat just before bedtime. You’ll sleep better, and your digestive processes would be at their best as well.